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Im Brit. 22. proud mommy to 2 beautiful baby boys. They're my whole world.
i wouldnt trade being a mommy for the world. ♥
My family is what keeps me going. dont know where i'd be without them. Im just here to have fun & blog about stuff i enjoy, maybe meet a few cool people along the way!?
Loves; my baby boys. family. the boyfriend. make up. one tree hill. california. big sunglasses. wedges. bandanas. off roading. acrylic nails. fake eyelashes. camel crushes. pink dreams. boba. smoothies. sushi. Tapout. glitter. Metal Mulisha. platform sandals. lil wayne. corona & lime. mexican candy. teased hair. tattoos & piercings. hot pink. teal. hair extensions. late nights. ripped jeans. the beach. the L word. animal print. SRH. music. nicki minaj. bud light lime. hustler. eminem. hustler. pin up girls. lemons. in n out. city lights. rain.

I do not own any of these pictures unless stated otherwise.

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